The Vet your Pet Deserves.

General Medicine

-   Free First Puppy and Kitten Checks

    We will make sure your little one is on the right track from the very start. Your new companion will get a check over and we will formulate a healthcare plan for the important first few months of life. 

-   Vaccinations

 Young pets need a course of vaccines to protect them and other animals in 

the population from easily preventable diseases. We recommend yearly 

boosters during which your pet will receive a full check up. 

-   De-sexing

   We perform safe spay and neuter procedures using modern techniques on 

dogs, cats and rabbits - all at a competitive price.  

-   Routine Preventative Health

   We stock a full range of products to provide protection against fleas, ticks,

worms and heartworm. Our experienced team can help formulate a

preventative health plan that works best for your pet. 

-  Senior Pet Health

   It is our passion to make sure your companion is at his or her healthiest 

throughout every stage of life. Call us to arrange a senior health check today.  

Medical Services 

If your pet has a medical ailment, we'll find it. Dr. Sally Pegrum and Professor

Richard Malik are two of the most qualified medicine vets in the country, and we have access to the very best diagnostic, surgical and medical equipment available. These include: 

-   In-house Blood Tests - means have access to important diagnostic information in hours rather than days. 

-   Imaging Modalities - Digital Radiography, Ultrasonography, Endoscopy - to help diagnose your pet's problem in the most non-invasive way possible

-   Dentistry - over 70% of all cats and dogs have some form of dental disease. We recommend yearly dental check-ups so we can identify and treat problems before dental disease compromises your pet's wellbeing. 

-   Nuclear Medicine - Feline hyperthyroidism is one of the most common treatable diseases of cats in Australia. Pyrmont Veterinary Hospital works alongside our sister clinic Double Bay Vet Clinic in treating affected cats with radioactive iodine therapy (I131).

Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery- We offer specialised surgical procedures for both soft tissue and orthopaedic injuries.

Boarding Facilities- We offer high quality cat boarding facilities at all times. Our caring nurses monitor all cats during their stay to ensure they are enjoying their experience. Our cattery is temperature controlled for the comfort of your cat and all cats are let out to stretch their legs, have a cuddle and play each day.

Puppy Preschool​- Coming soon......

GroomingWe offer general grooming services such as: comfort clipping, trimming around the face, feet and bottom, nail clipping, anal gland expression and washing. Cat grooming is also available.

Pet Insurance - We understand the growing costs of owing and maintaining your pets, we therefore highly recommend pet insurance. Pet Insurance comes in handy when the unexpected may occur or when your pet is suddenly affected by disease or illness. When taking out an insurance policy for your pet it is vital to research and compare companies to find the best policy to fit with your family and lifestyle.